Sekolo Projects

Community Based Organization (CBO) Assistance Fund

The CBO Assistance Fund supports HIV prevention in schools and school communities to provide physical care or psychosocial support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). The provision of physical care and psychosocial support for OVC enables them to enroll or continue in school, and gain access to the HIV prevention education now provided by the Ministry of Education.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sekolo Projects is to prevent new HIV infection in young people in Namibia by providing and supporting HIV prevention education, physical care and psychosocial support for young people living with and affected by HIV / AIDS.

In Namibia, the scale of the HIV epidemic is exacerbated by a complexity of ingrained and interlocking social problems, including poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and the subordination of women. Providing emotional and physical support for young people living with the virus and those whole lives are affected by it, especially girls, builds self-confidence and strengthens a positive peer community which protects a child from the risks of HIV infection.

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Previous Programs

Small grants for AIDS awareness 
These Small Grants provide funding for AIDS Awareness Clubs and Windows of Hope Clubs.  The grants support team-building to strengthen self-confidence and community outreach activities which share information between learners and the adults in their communities.

Donations for orphans and vulnerable children
Sekolo Projects Inc. donates clothing and toiletries for orphans and vulnerable children in Namibia.  Working with school or church groups, we collect gently used winter clothing for children.  The participating groups raise funds for shipping the boxes directly to Namibia’s Regional Education Counsellors who distribute the clothes and toiletries.