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Sekolo Projects Namibia

Sekolo Projects Namibia is a Namibian Welfare Organisation, that brings together passionate individuals in the Namibian education sector to guide and direct Sekolo’s programs in response to its mission of HIV prevention. The Sekolo Projects Namibia board of directors sustains and guides Sekolo’s work in Namibia, continuing to provide and support HIV prevention education. 

History of Sekolo Projects Inc

Sekolo Projects Inc was founded in 2004 as a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization by Elizabeth Robinson and Geoffrey Silver.  Elizabeth spent 2 years volunteering in Namibia as an English teacher, teacher-trainer and HIV prevention teacher, under the auspices of WorldTeach, a program developed by the Harvard School of International Development. 

On Elizabeth’s return to the US, she and Geoffrey founded Sekolo Projects Inc. to build on Elizabeth’s experiences in Namibia and support the work of her colleagues in their fight against the spread of HIV.

Sekolo was incorporated in July 2004 and received 501(c)3 status from the IRS in October of the same year. Sekolo means ‘school’ in the Tswana language, which was spoken in Aminuis.

Geoffrey Silver researched, filmed and produced an educational video about HIV with Elizabeth and the learners at the Mokaleng Roman Catholic Combined School, where she had been a volunteer.  Elizabeth compiled a Teacher’s Guide to accompany the video.  In February 2005, Elizabeth returned to Namibia to liaise with the HIV/AIDS Management Unit (HAMU) of the Ministry of Education to introduce the Our HIV ABC classroom video and Teacher’s Guide as a key component of the HIV training of Namibia’s secondary school teachers.

In July 2005, HAMU began working with Sekolo to roll-out the program to the rest of the country. The pilot phase of Our HIV ABC was completed in summer 2005: 72 teachers in four of Namibia’s 13 regions received a 1-day workshop, peer-educational classroom video, teacher’s guide and translations of key components into local languages.

The full roll-out of Our HIV ABC was completed in August 2006. In all, 921 teachers at 564 schools received training and materials to lead their AIDS Clubs. An additional 215 sets of materials were distributed.

Over 45,000 young people received accurate and Namibian-presented information based on the integrated ABC of Abstinence, Be faithful and use a Condom.

The start-up Board of Sekolo Projects Namibia, August 2006.

Sekolo Projects Inc, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation

Sekolo Projects Namibia is a Namibian Welfare Organisation, registered with the Ministry of Heath, no. 275

Sekolo Projects is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 1136316

Sekolo Projects Namibia

Board of Directors
Bonifatius Morwe, Acting Chair
Maree Smit
Nora Gaowetse
Albertina Shilongo
Josef Shikongo

Sekolo Projects Inc

Board of Directors
Tom Mahoney, Chairperson, Director, Office of Special Clinical Services, Greenwich Department of Health
Katrina Robinson, Secretary
William Kiernan, Treasurer
Joseph Toochin
Elizabeth Robinson, ex oficio

Sekolo Projects UK

Gilly Bishop
Pia Giles


Sekolo Projects Namibia Board members with the Sekolo Sunrise Kids banner.

Board member Boni Morwe with Sekolo Sunrise Kids facilitator, Sisi, during a site visit.